Getting involved with soul[food]

Service Sheets Inserts
You can download a Service Sheet version of each of the soul[food] cards below. Use these at special services. The .pdf version will give you a better quality finish but if you would prefer to use the .jpg please do not increase it to more than 100%.

[baptism] - JPG | PDF
[Christmas] - JPG | PDF
[easter] - JPG | PDF
[explore] - JPG | PDF
[grief] - JPG | PDF
[mothering] - JPG | PDF
[parenting] - JPG | PDF
[prayer] - JPG | PDF
[remember] - JPG | PDF
[wedding] - JPG | PDF

PowerPoint Presentations
Below are a few PowerPoint presentations to help you to communicate what soul[food] is all about.

Single Slide Advert - Standard | Widescreen
To help your congregation get familiar with the cards and what the initiative is about.

Presentation (Standard Size) - Download
A longer version to help to explain the initiative to a PCC, congregation or other interested party.

Presentation (Widescreen) - Download
A widescreen version of the presentation above.